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impassable or impossible

June 15th, 2010

Alice: I simply must get through!
Doorknob: Sorry, you’re much too big. Simply impassible.
Alice: You mean impossible?
Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing is impossible.
- Alice in Wonderland

I always chuckle when I read Alice in Wonderland (a great book to keep on the shelf).alice-with-doorknob-3

Sure. The author may have been a bit of a nutjob but there are gems of learning throughout the book. It is a magical story strewn with great metaphors for life. This is one of my favorite parts.

Impassable versus impossible.

I wish I had thought of it (among other things I would imagine).

Physically some things are just not possible to each of us. I could never have become an NBA (or possibly even a college) basketball player. There is no chance I would have ever threatened Usain Bolt in a race.

Frankly there are some things in life that take some physical talent to achieve. Even some odd things.

A great orator has the art within (rather than learn through the science from without).

Some people cannot travel and function well. They are just not physically capable of fulfilling some roles involving lots of travel.


To some degree you can overcome some physical limits but in general you won’t be able to overcome another who has the true innate natural ability and who is possibly physically more adept or able to meet the ‘whatever’ that makes that opportunity “passable.” Sometimes the issue is just to big and is … well … impassable.

And, of course, there are always exceptions.

Hence the ‘nothing is impossible.’

This is a marvelous moment in Alice. And the fact it is given by the metaphorical doorknob is genius.

Life offers you a shitload of doors. And I can promise you several things:

– They will be closed when you first see them.That’s just the way Life works. Some are locked, some are unlocked, some are small and some are big. Heck. Some are hidden and some are painted bright red <so you do not miss them>. But they will all be closed initially … and you will have to reach out and take the doorknob. It may talk to you and it may not. But you gotta open the door on your own to decide if it is passable or impassable.

– Each door when you open it … has a door jamb … and it will give you the opportunity to trip even if it is wide open.Life rarely makes even open doors easy. Keep your eyes open, head high, footsteps confident … and well … you have a chance.

With all these doors available … recognize the fact that the doors in life will all represent multiple challenges …. and each door may not be right for you. So maybe if you face each one by simply deciding first ‘is it passable’ and second ‘is it possible’ you will choose the best doors to pass through in your own life.

Impassable or Impossible.

Outstanding thought.

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Enlightened Conflict