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Security is mostly a superstition

May 6th, 2016


safe playing it



“Security is mostly a superstition.

It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.


Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.


Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. “


Helen Keller





“Maybe you don’t go to hell for the things you do.

Maybe you go to hell for the things you don’t do. The things you don’t finish. “


Chuck Palahniuk





ship safe in harbor not what ships for


Playing it safe.



Those three words send a shiver down my spine.


Safe is an illusion.




Maybe … maybe at best … safe is temporary.


I am certainly not suggesting throwing all caution to the wind 100% of the time.


All I am suggesting is that far too often people misconstrue safe as … well … safe.


In Life safe can take on a variety of dangerously risky forms.

Simplistically the risky forms are all grounded in “hiding” from something.



secret own control hide

Hiding from change.



Hiding from danger.



Hiding from someone.


Hiding from fears.


Hiding from problems.



You feel safe because you have found some safe haven where in your mind you are protected by some moat, wall or … well … are invisible to whatever you are hiding from.






Maybe for a little while.


And that little while almost always creates some form of complacency.


All the while whatever you are hiding from is persistently pursuing you. and it will find you not by outsmarting you but rather through its perseverance.


In Life safe is maybe not an illusion but it is certainly time constrained.


As for business?




I have probably written far too often about how the business world is being undermined by its discomfort with risk, even calculated risk, and its embrace of ‘safe.’


Simplistically it seems like the business world has shoved the entire responsibility and burden of risk into the entrepreneurial and start up world.



“Let them take the risks.”


Conversely this seems to have absolved all existing businesses, small, medium & large, from taking any risk. Therefore the business ends up living in  constant state of playing it safe, not rocking the boat or convincing themselves that the minor changes they are considering are bigger than they really are.



Safe” in business insures only one thing … death.


It is inevitable if all you do is play it safe.


Nothing, and I mean nothing, in business is secure or safe.


now what yell

No idea.


No patent.


No ‘uniqueness.’


No point of difference.



Does this mean a business should run scared or even driven by paranoia?


Shit no.


You either embrace the fact you are never safe and simply act as if safe & security are but momentary aspects of a business and behave accordingly … or … you permit paranoia to drive you to some absurd extremes in trying to protect your security <knowing that inevitably it will no longer be safe>.


With the former you simply believe as long as you keep moving you are ‘safer’ <not safe> and standing still makes you more vulnerable <or less safe>.






Go on pinterest, Instagram or any image driven website and you will see zillions upon zillions of quotes, sayings and words espousing life as an adventure and living Life to its fullest.

self change adventure

Great advice.


But advice the majority of people and businesses fail to follow.



Frankly, most people do not want their Life to be an adventure.

And I cannot think of one business which would like to think of itself as ‘an adventure.’


And, yet, by not doing so … by seeking security and safe … well … it is actually more dangerous than doing it all as if it were an adventure.


If you believe safe & secure is inevitably just an illusion than I imagine I am simply pointing out you need to pick your poison.


Either path, adventure or playing it safe, runs the risk & danger of … well … death.



And if that is so then you have a choice to proactively face it or hide from it as long as you can.


That is your choice.


My choice is adventure and movement. I am not suggesting it is an easier path, in Life or business, but I like the fact I have some illusion of control & controlling at least some aspect of destiny rather than living with the illusion of safety & security.


Choose your illusion and do so wisely. For the end is the same.



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