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what cool nerds do on new years

January 2nd, 2015

reading new dimension


“On stormy nights they both dreamt intensively, violently – they often drowned.”


Ellen Van Neerven






I thought I was done with any New Year’s thoughts … until I came across one of the delightful wacky benefits of the infamous worldwide web as I was researching a topic.



Before I share what I found here is a quick thought.



The internet has enabled the quirky to unite globally. What may have been one or two people in a vicinity … loners in their particular focus in Life … have become clubs and groups and a swarming team of fish swimming in their own direction enjoying the fruits of the sea of information and things available online.



Many of us drown in the violent sea of information.


For few?


It gives them an opportunity to swim.



That said.

reading love haert


This leads me to what cool teen, and tween, nerds do on New Year ’s Eve.







Sorry old folk … but there are a large group of young people who don’t just tweet or text … they read.


And not just read … a 28 hour … yes … 28 … read-a-thon.



Treesofreverie 28 HR Read-A-Thon | December 2014 – January 2015




This is awesome.

Fucking awesome.




I am a voracious 50something reader … and I admittedly would not read for 28 hours … but … this is awesome.


All hail to young readers.





Lurking throughout the internet are a delightful group of blogs, tumblr sites & websites all written & created by young people dedicated to reading and books and thoughts about books. Interspersed within their book ramblings they offer some youthful insights to world happenings as they view them thru some relatively naïve eyes … but with some extremely clear well thought out thoughts.



I have maybe 4 bookmarked.


One Chinese. One Brazil <see below where I found this 28 hour read-a-thon>. One British. One Czech.


All young people.



All totally focused on books and reading.








For any of the older people who went out on new year’s eve and got silly drunk people reading them magicand bemoaned the state of civilization, the world … and the decline of our youth … well … I have some news for you.


All is not lost.



The future always has leaders lurking in the present.



You just need to look for them … nurture them … and then just get the fuck out of their way.




Second <and last>.



For any of the younger people out there who hunkered down and spent new year’s eve thinking about learning how to change the world they see in the present … well … I salute you.



And support you.



And will get the fuck out of your way so you can do what I, and my generation, cannot do <shape the future>.




And I will end by saying to young people an edited version of the quote I opened with …


On stormy nights they both dreamt intensively, violently – they often soared.

Let’s get 20115 rolling.





Here is the ‘about books and dreams’ tumblr site which highlighted the 28 hour read-a-thon days before new years eve.




Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned reader

Márcia, Brazil

I read books and I blog about them



Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH



Treesofreverie 28 HR Read-A-Thon | December 2014 – January 2015
How to get involved:

• If you would like to take part, please REBLOG this post or repost this image with a link back to this original post if you aren’t using Tumblr to participate.

• You may post across all social media sites.

• Some suggestions for what to include in your posts may be photos, reading updates and thoughts on your book/s, quotes, book reviews, or even your reading (and possibly blogging) goals for 2015.

• Use the official #treesofreveriereadathon tag so that others can keep track of your progress.

• This Read-A-Thon will start at 8PM on Wednesday, 31st December and finish at 11:59PM on Thursday, 1st January.

read fast sorcerer

How this event will work:

• Unlike regular Trees of Reverie Read-A-Thon events, there will be NO SIGN UP for this event. This is going to be a very casual Read-A-Thon to bring in the new year and get those reading goals off to a great start!

• There will be no Link Up posts, but if you wish to create a TBR list and Reading Goals you may do so.

• If you wish to use this Read-A-Thon time to also organise your reading goals and lists for 2015, then you are more than welcome to do so. This also applies for any blogging goals, etc. that you may wish to set up for the new year.

• You may opt to only take part in some of the Read-A-Thon, particularly if you have plans for New Years Eve. I have included this extra time for those who may wish to get organised with goal setting for 2015 or for those who may wish to do some extra reading before the end of 2014. This is a very casual event so please feel free to use this time in a way that best suits your preferences.

• There won’t be any Reading Challenges, but you are more than welcome to utilise any of the previous lists.

• There will be no FAQ for this event, but if you have any enquiries about how a Read-A-Thon works, you may wish to read through the latest FAQ which was for December’s Read-A-Thon.


• The official time zone that is usually in place will not be used for this event. Please feel free to read within your own time zone.



• I have set up a Discussion Board on the Trees of Reverie Read-a-Thon Goodreads Group for anyone who is interested in using Goodreads as another outlet for this mini-event.

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