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the song Keep You In Mind

November 6th, 2016





Keep you in Mind by Guordan Banks.


Apparently this is a Fall 2015 song … but I just heard it on the radio on the local R&B station.

I will net it down for you … awful lyrics and awesome groove. But … what a groove.


As the first commenter under the video on YouTube says:


aarismom191 month ago

How the fuck am I a year late ?




I agree. I am just another late comer to this song.


What helps me out a little <after a bit of research> is that “Keep” entered on the Nov. 28, 2015 chart and then steadily climbed over 29 … yes … 29 weeks … to reach #1 on the R&B charts in June 2016.


We should note Banks’ journey to the top of the chart is the longest since January 2014 when Robin Thicke’s “For the Rest of My Life” reached No. 1 in its 31st charting week. The longest trip to No. 1 came in 2003 when R. Kelly’s “Step in the Name of Love” <another song I was late to find but did write about> peaked in its 34th week.




Keep You In Mind



This is definitely a “windows down cruising along the street” song.


And I will admit. What I kept coming back to was the underlying synth beat singingin-the-car dogwhich reminded me of SOS band <who I also liked>. He just casually sings over a light 80’s groove mix … but that smooth groove underneath?


That is what makes you turn up the volume in the car just a little more.


By the way.


The song was remade/remixed by Chris Brown in October 2016 <which may also be the reason the original is getting a little more airplay> but don’t waste your time on the remix version … the original is awesome as is.

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