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teens celebrate trump as new leader (‘cause he is just like us)

March 25th, 2016

trump lower tweet






Yesterday I, at first, looked on in horror as presidential candidates traded tweets and soundbites with regard to their wives.


I looked on with horror <and embarrassment> as Trump <who from here on trump american idiot tweetout will be referring to him as “weakTrump” – add a hashtag if you want – so he can be named next to his ‘low energyJeb, lyin’ Ted, incompetentHillary, crazyBernie, LittleMarco, etc. diatribes> in what appeared to be machismo driven indignation over someone using a photo of his wife, one that had appeared on the front cover of a national magazine, never missed an opportunity to highlight “from a GQ shoot” as a reference point while attempting to defend the honor of his wife.



Even in his ‘indignation’ he feels a need to incorporate some sense of ego <or id?>. **


This follows on the heels of almost an entire day of Trump highlighting how the world is being unfair to him <Fox news, convention rules, media coverage, his competitors, debate questions, etc.>. Beyond the retweeting of an inappropriate image <not to mention some original tweets> in one media interview alone he called the convention majority delegate requirement “unfair” seven times.


And then, after my first response, I laughed. I laughed because I suddenly realized that every teen in America must be celebrating in the halls of their high school.


Trump is one of them.


<and imagine the kitchen table conversations now taking place where parents are counseling their children only to hear “you are being so unfair !!! … I was just retweeting what was on the internet … c’mon Mom … Donald Trump does it … you are being unfair …!!!”>





Sit around a bunch of older folk and pretty soon the conversation will ease its way into how the younger generation is addicted to their phones, they cannot think for themselves, twitter is the universe of the mindless illiterate generation, twitter is the death of grammar & punctuation and they believe everything they see on the internet.


Suffice it to say, older folk have a tendency to believe handheld technology is destroying young people’s minds <the implication is that ‘sensible adults would never do the things that immature, selfish, entitled young people would do.


<please note … I do not agree and that when I am involved in this discussion it is typically around that lat comment that my head explodes>






Trump embodies teen twitterology. Trump debunks every argument every trump sophmoric dennisadult has ever had with regard to how teens are not mature enough for a twitter universe. I think he is an adult <at least in age> and yet he is acting just like what we bitch & moan about our teens doing.


He cannot stop retweeting and cannot stop from commenting on anything and he tweets before thinking … and retweets anything that comes across his phone that looks interesting to retweet <regardless of whether he has actually checked that it is real or not> .



He can summarize his policies, with detail, in maybe 2 tweets … issued as he sips his coffee in the morning.



After the coffee kicks in it will take about 6 tweets to change the previous 2.



And later in the day he gets to go on air and discuss how the world is unfair <only to him> as they discuss his tweets.



This is weakTrump’s doom loop of consistent inconsistencies whereby the next tweet update absolves responsibility for the less than thoughtful tweets up to that point.


And, of course, it would be unfair to judge him on his 25th tweet when he is already on his 1250th tweet.




Dear weakDonald, have you thought about enrolling in high school again so you can troll the hallways as a bully and be the most important boy in the sophomore class?



His immaturity almost makes teens look mature in contrast.



little trump pouting tweeting

……… little Trump pouting ………..

Trump should be ashamed of himself.



I am ashamed for him.


Trump retweeted a follower early Thursday morning who posted a picture of Heidi Cruz alongside a glamor shot of Melania Trump. The caption reads: “no need to ‘spill the beans’ the images are worth a thousand words.”



Oh … and you want to know what you would find directly below the retweet on his twitter feed?




@Kj11100Me: @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump will be greater president than Ragan. Trump will set the button for morality,Christianity.




Lack of spelling? Check.


Lack of grammar? Check.


Lack of punctuation? Check.


Lack of humility? Check.


Lack of maturity? Check.





weakTrump couldn’t just let it go … he retweets a side by said image and always refers to his wife’s image as GQ model photo <not just photo>. This makes him the bully in high school who is dating the cheerleader but only pays attention to her when some other guy sneaks a peek.




But, as he would say, that is unfair.



trump dumb shit tweetSecond.


His twitter feed is … well … an addictive narcissistic bombastic flow of positive to him and negative to everyone else <excepting of course anyone who agrees with him>.





Young people are celebrating in the hallways of high schools. They have found a president who is one of them.

buddy you are fired


All I can say to them is … well … you can have him*.

He belongs in high school. Maybe he could learn something there beyond bullying and mindless tweeting.


And maybe, just maybe, he could be elected sophomore class president.



… *… note: my apologies to high schoolers everywhere … I actually believe 98+% of you are better than weakTrump.



… **… note: this retweeting image thing is maddening. It is maddening because we have two male aspiring leaders assessing females based on appearance.

This is emblematic of the key issue that males have no clue how to elevate gender equality beyond appearance. For all meaningful purposes … we have two women who are successful in Life and in business and, yet, men are tweeting images and words focused on appearance. This is frickin’ nuts. Not only do women deserve better but the men who love them deserve to give them better. And our leaders certainly need to be better than this.   

Enlightened Conflict