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no more earth wind and fire

February 9th, 2016

maurice white giza EWF

“You’re a shining star, no matter who you are.

Shining bright to see, what you can truly be.”


(Earth Wind & Fire: Shining Star)





“I had a vision, and music was playing in my head that I wanted to bring through. What I had in mind was exactly what Earth, Wind & Fire became.”



Maurice White






singingin-the-car dogIt seems like the music of my youth is passing away before my eyes. Today it is Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire.



Earth Wind & Fire was one of those awesome live bands who could bring their bigger than life songs to life … as big if not bigger … on stage. And, yet, in the car you found yourself singer bigger than Life.




I saw them decades ago and I can still remember hearing the opening notes of September <I think> playing over a darkened stage. And then the voices filtered in and as they did it is almost like the musicians appeared … and then they flickered out. Only to be replaced by the entire band in white with arms spread wide.
I am not sure if they used hologram technology or some stage gimmickry but that opening may be one of the most iconic breathtaking openings I have ever seen in concert.



I loved their sounds & lyrics. The music was a random mix of funk, soul, R&B, pop, jazz and whatever else it seemed like they could try … all delivered with an incredibly infectious groove and wrapped up in bigger than Life, slightly mystical, lyrics.


Their lyrics almost always seemed to have some grander purpose than simple storytelling or some of the insipid lyrics you hear on today’s radio.ewf maurice
Originating from Chicago in 1969 Earth, Wind, and Fire was created through the mind of Maurice White.


He began his career as a session drummer for the likes of Etta James and Muddy Waters and in Earth, Wind & Fire, he not only drummed but sang, wrote, and produced. The group went on to sell more than 90 million albums worldwide, displaying a flashy and eclectic musical style that incorporated White’s influences from growing up in Memphis, Tenn.



In dedication to Maurice White here are my top 5 EWF songs <I admit I included a couple just because they show live band footage and you can see how awesomely over the top  they were> :
Shining Star:

<less than 3 minute song>



earth wind and fireLet’s Groove:










Boogie Wonderland:






Sing a song:







“We just wanted to be the best band in the whole world. Maurice had a fierce work ethic, and we learned from him to have that same work ethic.

He was the consummate perfectionist.”


Philip Bailey <Earth Wind & Fire singer>

RIP Maurice.

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