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May 17th, 2016


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This is a practical post which is driven by a fairly pragmatic useful article written by a good friend of mine: Scott Skibell – iPhone Lavalier/Lapel Microphone Shootout.


At its core the article highlights the importance of video within your LinkedIn profile.


This thought actually gets to the heart of selling in general.




What I mean is that you cannot ask for something, anything, until <a> someone knows who you are and, consequently, <b> someone knows something about who you are. Some people will attach a shitload of words like “trustworthiness” or “credible” or “likeable” to the ‘about’ part of what I just said … I will not.


I will simply call it “character.” I argue with a lot of people about this but I believe you shouldn’t try to be trustworthy, credible or likeable … or even funny <it is kind of like trying to make yourself look handsome> and you should just be your natural you. “Natural” connects regardless of whether your personal ‘natural’ is trusting, competent, likeable, funny, serious, whatever. They just wanna see you not as a salesperson or selling something … but a person.




At its most basic level sending someone to your LinkedIn site is a nice way of introducing yourself in a non confrontational style. And while I could argue with how many business people design their LinkedIn information it is, bottom line, a passive way of introducing yourself into a possible selling situation. It permits a potential buyer to dictate the pace of the gathering of information <this is good>.

And this is where character comes into play.


Basic LinkedIn is “resume light.” Its format is simply a resume in a more palatable format. And you can choose some words and use some of the sections to inject some character but you always do so at the risk of infringing upon, or actually defraying, “credibility & competency learning” for the potential buyer.


That is where video can really help. Help like … well … a lot. A shitload in fact.


Video, when done well, permits you to add dimension to yourself as well as to the information you want to share.




Video “done well” is … uhm … more difficult than you would imagine <and my friend Scott would be far better to explain that>. But, suffice it to say, just as :30 television commercials can take days to shoot … and add multiple days to edit well … a well done video takes time, thought and some crafting to be effective <but not as much time as a television commercial>.





directional unidirectional link deconstructionThere is a sale before a sale <and possibly a sale before a sale before THE sale>.

We business people … I believe we all know that the most effective way to sell something is not to launch into a selling mode right away.


The preference is pretty much always introduce yourself <and let them get comfortable with you>, introduce what you want to sell <and let them get comfortable with that> and then try and make THE sale.


A video in your LinkedIn can kinda help you out on phases 1 & 2.




It can absolutely help you out in phase 1 & 2.


I was pleased when I saw this article.


LinkedIn is one of those environments which many business people haven’t figured out what it is <is it a social network or a business network or a business social network?> and because it doesn’t have a clear place in all of the members minds it can be not only daunting in how to pragmatically use it for what you want but it is truly fraught with peril once you decide to act.


I would, and will, suggest that no matter what you want to say … if you are in the sales business, remember, beyond the pragmatic sale you are selling ‘hope.’ Hope for something better, being better, feeling better or having better. Your connections will increase if after someone sees your video they feel … well … hopeful that connecting with you will be worth the time.


Video is actually a wonderful tool because it permits the visitor to your site to ‘opt in’ with regard to what you offer … and provides the opportunity for you to frame your version of ‘hope.’


In addition.


You can get some real information in return.

If you use the LinkedIn Plus feature you can see who views the video and follow up with surveys, one-on-one questions and gain some real advice and input.sell hope i can




I never thought I would write over 800 words about Scott’s article on use of video but it is such a smart simple idea that has a strategic platform for WHY it should be utilized … well … I got writing and didn’t stop.


He isn’t paying me to say any of this <no one pays me to write anything on my site>.

Scott is just one of the good ones. Good business person. Good person. And I like writing about good ideas.



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