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I got angry

September 17th, 2016



Trump has probably done over 100 things, okay, thousands of things over the past year or so which make me sure he is unqualified to be the country leader <and make me doubt he could lead a turd out of a flushed toilet>, makes me sure I dislike his business acumen and makes me sure his moral compass is non existent.


But yesterday he made me angry.

That was a first.


Yesterday was the day he “announced” the president was an American.




While in his 33 second statement he only stated one truth <the current president is American> and offered the public two massive lies … that didn’t make me angry … mostly because it exhibited the normal lie to truth ratio he offers day in and day out <pretty sad how he has lowered our standards so low>.


What made me angry was … is … he is playing a game. And he is playing a game with democracy and the presidential election. And he isn’t even hiding the fact he sees this as one big game.


He sees it all as one big game and he is going to do whatever it takes to win his game.




He is not running a campaign.

He is playing a game.


i-am-angry-man-and-dog-stare-lookHe demeans us, he demeans democracy, he demeans the country … and, maybe most importantly, he demeans the office he is suggesting he is qualified for.


To be clear.


I’m not angry at Trump supporters … I am angry at Trump.


And I am fucking angry.


I’m angry at someone who treats the political process like a game show.


I’m angry at the people in leadership who permit this to happen.


I’m angry that we, the ordinary people, are so angry at some shadowy ‘establishment’ that we cannot seem to assume some thread of responsibility for what is happening.


And let me tell you how angry I am about the ‘gaming.’


Because Trump has given me the opportunity to be angry hundreds of times before.  The truth is that in a fairly remarkable mixture of bombastic rhetoric, double-talk, vagaries and an outright onslaught of relentless lies … he says repulsive things every day.


While he is 99% bullshit <okay … 99.9%> … realistically to keep your sanity you have to choose one thing to focus on <which is part of his game because if I focus on one and everyone else focuses on another one and so on … how the hell can anyone put a thumb on this slippery slimy carnival barker?>. we-need-brain-trump



The bigger problem is that he says stupid things.




The biggest problem is he lies. He is, at his core essence, dishonest.




The biggest of big problems is what he claims he’d actually do if elected.


Whew. What he would do if elected.

I admit, his ignorance <with regard to the constitution, global realities, everything else> was amusing at first but it truly is Trump’s disregard for constitutional principles which is most likely the most disturbing <all the while holding up the Constitution verbally as his guiding principle>.


He doesn’t believe in freedom of the press <unless they say something nice to him>.


He doesn’t believe in freedom of speech <unless it agrees with him>.


He doesn’t believe in … well … let’s just say he is free of morality and principles which underpin the country <torture is good if the other guys do it, killing families of enemies is okay because it deters future enemy action, and ‘I’ will trump ‘we’ in decisions>.



Article II directs the president to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Article VI provides that treaties are part of “the supreme law of the land.” These treaties include the Geneva Conventions, which govern the conduct of war. Yet in direct contradiction to these treaties, Trump has said that the United States should have stolen Iraqi oil and that we should kill the families of terrorists. As he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “Everybody believes in the Geneva Convention until they start losing and then they say oh, let’s take out the bomb. OK. When they start losing. We have to play with a tougher set of rules.”

Let me be politically incorrect <kind of along the lines of Trump himself>.


trump-sorry-i-am-psychoWhile I am not holding my breath I would be delighted if at some point he stood up and said “I am sorry. I have been a psycho. I don’t really like myself that much and I have been an unapologetic asshole for my entire life.”


He will not.




He cannot even apologize for … uhm … anything.


Donald Trump is a liar. Period.


He is a crooked con artist.


He is a spoiled rich bully with an unhealthy relationship with his own mirror <and a desire for fame>.


Let’s be clear.


While he vociferously expounds upon ‘I am not politically correct’ as he demeans everyone who disagrees with him I seriously doubt that Trump would find my candor refreshing.


In fact … if he even acknowledged my presence it would most likely be in some dismissive tweet suggesting I wasn’t even worthy of a response <and, yet, he would be responding>.


This game playing with what should be a serious campaign for a serious position needs to stop.


The liar needs to be called out for the biggest lie — that he is truly running a presidential campaign.

Trump has seemingly called everyone a liar at some point over his entire lifetime, let alone the election period, all the while offering us an onslaught of his own lies … a liar telling lies but calling everyone else a liar is … not just an asshole … it is a reflection of the fact he believes he is simply playing a game.


He is a repugnant and ridiculous poser with no integrity.


He is simply a game show host stirring up interest to a television audience who is only going to find that what is behind the curtain is not the dream vacation we have always wanted but a plastic blender which runs at one speed.


I am angry.


I know we make incredibly stupid & often shallow decisions every day. We do so mostly not out of ignorance but rather out of expedience. But most of us turn on the TV and when we see a game show we know it is a game show. If we want news or some serious programming we turn the channel. Most of us know that ‘what we have been looking for’ is rarely found on some game show.


Think about that. And think about this.


On May 26 in North Dakota he said:


“Politicians have used you and stolen your votes. They have given you nothing. I will give you everything. I will give you what you’ve been looking for for 50 years. I’m the only one.”




I will give you everything.


If that were not so stupidly arrogant I would get angry with someone running angry-look-flufffor president saying something like that.


I am far beyond annoyed.


I am completely disgusted.


I am incredibly angry.



He is a flagrant scam artist playing games with America.




People claim they like him because he is no nonsense and unapologetic.




I don’t like it because I believe it is cowardly to not face your own lies and poor words and poor choices and remain stubbornly unapologetic when you are 100%, no, 100% to the nth degree wrong.


But I continue to say the worst is that he is unapologetically playing the election like a game.


confuxedGaming the press.

Gaming the people.

Gaming the system.


Gaming the overall construct of what is right, what is wrong and his basic strategy is confuxing everyone.


I am angry because I do not want a game show host.


I am angry because ‘gaming the system’ seems like it is the only principle Trump has as a compass.


What he did yesterday in gaming the world to advertise his hotel, demean honored veterans by using them to play a game with the press <and the world>and ultimately suggest only he was worthy of clearing up the fact the current president was something we already knew that he was <an American> makes me angry.


Some people may give him credit for his ‘savvy business moves’ in gaming the system to get free coverage and make others look like fools. I will not. He is running for president and this is not a game and he is not gaining any points for suggesting others are not as smart or savvy as he is.


He is fucking running for the president of the united states … not the smartest game show host on tv.


Let’s be clear.


Like him or not … Obama is an American and he has treated his role as president seriously and with dignity.


Like her or not … Clinton is an American and a serious candidate running a serious campaign understanding it is a serious role.


Trump is an American … and one I am ashamed of because he is a relentless liar trump-i-am-what-i-amwho cloaks himself in false patriotism to hide his lack of knowledge and overall ignorance for how serious being a president is.


And, worse, he is a game show host running to be the president.


And he is treating this whole election like one big game and one big marketing & branding exercise.


And that makes me angry.


Like it or not … only one candidate is running a serious campaign for president and is seriously trying to address what needs to be done.


And I am angry that I have only one choice.


Many of the things Ted Cruz says, frankly, scares me … but he was serious and understood the challenges facing a president and never treated the campaign without respect … and I would have had a serious choice to consider.


Marco Rubio often seemed like the all-star minor league player who you hoped would be the all-star major league player once he got to the big leagues … but he was serious, he constantly showed signs of learning & adapting and leadership … and I would have had a serious choice to consider.


Kasich … oh my … with Trump the con artist onstage many of us dream of the opportunity to have seen the serious, thoughtful, kind and practical John Kasich debating Hillary Clinton … now that would have forced me to make a serious choice.


Someone must stop this bizarre farce that some people call the Republican Presidential nominee. I fully understand many of you folk hate Hillary but she seems sane and interested in workable solutions. Trump just appears like he is treating the entire election as one big game and appears unwilling to put in the serious work to match the seriousness of the position.


We should demand our president to lead by example and lead by assuming the mantle of responsibility, all responsibilities, of the position.


If Trump came into my office as an interviewer as unprepared and hollow and with such an unapologetic stance with regard to a resume strewn with lie after lie after lie … I wouldn’t even finish the entire interview.


Yesterday was bizarre, and a slap in the face to democracy and the democratic process, even in the realm of the Trump carnival barker show it was a new low.


And I am angry.


so fuck you donald trump …

September 5th, 2016

trump winner


“I don’t think <sic> could have lived any other way.

I don’t think he wanted to.


He was a crisis addict, a performance addict, a shameless pulpit orator and a scene-grabber.


He was a delusional enchanter and a persuader who saw himself as God’s golden boy, and he wrecked a lot of people’s lives.”



John Le Carre





The title of this post comes courtesy of Hockeylvr42 on tumblr whose post begins with those words <note: I will close with his words at the end of the post>.


Anyway.  Hockeylvr42 and I agree on several things.

listen hand


The main thing we agree on is that the Trump show is tiring.


It used to be mildly amusing but now it is time that someone pushed the clown car off the road and into some ditch to be forgotten.


Please note that I while I want this Trump thing to fade into the deep recesses of history and forget that it ever happened … I do not have any desire to forget the 37% or so of the population who felt desperate enough to actually think Trump could solve whatever issues the country has.

In fact I am depending on them to continue to speak out with their grievances and worries and ideas. They deserve to be heard and they deserve what is due them <if anything is due>.


As for that 37% <and to those worried about Trump winning> just remember Trump had only about 37% of the Republican primary vote on the date Kasich & Cruz dropped out of the race. I would also note that it appears his ceiling in the general election remains around that 37% <in some polls it appears like an additional 3-5% may vote for him simply out of party affiliation>.




Why the Trump clown car should get off the road.



He has absolutely no experience in public office. Zero. Not even a high school student council member

want to be like you hollow man trump


Almost every day he says or does something that by would have disqualified previous nominees <and the sheer accumulation of them would disqualify almost anyone for any office .. for Life>.


He does not really have policies beyond headlines and emotional stances.


He defies truth and believability daily <Trump says, “Mexico will pay for the wall!” Mexico says, “We will not pay for your fucking wall.” And Trump says the same thing again the next day>.



Signature policies

Building a wall and having Mexico pay for it; renegotiating free trade agreements; “bombing the hell out of Isis” and “taking their oil”.


Strongest point

Able to garner free media with a single tweet.


Weakest point

Has hit record lows with minority voters, reaching 0% in one recent poll of African Americans. Is also is being massively outspent and outorganized by Clinton.



Ignoring a temperament which suggests he can not only be baited by a simple tweet … he is less qualified for the job than most likely 80% of American citizens of this nation if only for the fact that the 80% possesses a sense of humility, an understanding that parents who lose children receive condolences not dismissal and have some sense of respect for the responsibility that comes with being a president.


assholes are assholes vase flower trump


Trump is a colossal douchebag.


He is an asshat who hides behind lawyers and 140 character tweets.


A junior high school social studies class knows more than be does about the constitution, laws and government.



He is a bully leader.


I would even question he knows how to actually run a business … if anything he is a deal maker but running an actual business? I am not so certain.





I’m not naive enough to think that voters make decisions based on a deep analysis of the candidates’ positions on the issues <because if they did Clinton would win easily>.


People more often vote based on impressions of the candidates … impressions mostly created on some dubious & imperfect information about what the candidates have said and done <which is often articulated by their own paid surrogates and then translated by TV pundits>.


Suffice it to say that by avoiding any detail with regard to anything he would do Trump banks almost solely on a cult of personality — his “brand.” trump magnified



You either love it or you hate it.



But please, please, don’t anyone suggest you would vote for Trump beyond simply “I don’t know what he will do but I believe he is going to do some shit.”


Any answer other than that <which, frankly, is as valid a reason as anything> is bullshit.




While Hockeylvr42 is going to share his ‘so fuck you Donald’ … here is mine.



Fuck you Donald Trump. I have enough to worry about without having to constantly worry about you and whether you can, or will, do your job. While I certainly seek greatness for the highest position in our country, at minimum, part of that greatness is constancy & steadiness. If my ship is going into a storm I don’t want some yelling captain constantly tweeting how stupid the meteorologists were for offering the wrong forecast … I want a steady hand, a consistent hand and a calm hand. I don’t want to worry about what is happening at the wheel of the ship. I want to go about doing what I need to do.

So, fuck you, you make me worry. And I am not a worrier. And I hate, fucking hate, worrying. And it is all because of you, you colossal douchebag.



I am tired of the Trump show and I want it over.


One more thing.


America is a unique country with a unique character.

We are a complex intertwining of individual ‘just do it’ mentality and a larger ‘we the people.’


So when someone stands up attempting to represent my country and says “I will fix it” I want to say “fuck you, you asshat.”


We will do it.


I will do my part.


And WE will fucking fix it.


fuck you pointSo take your “I” and shove it up your ass.



Just as Booker Washington said … ““… be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”  

With those words ringing in my ears I raise my hand in a fist of pride, dignity, responsibility, honor and integrity and shake it at Trump … and then flip him off and say ‘fuck you.’


Pick up a dollar bill Donald … read it you asshat …


E Pluribus Unum.


Out of many, one.



Hockeylvr42 on tumblr.


*Self appointed member to the science side of tumblr* *FUCK TRUMP* *Connoisseur of puns* *I’m anonymous beyond that*


My blogs national anthem: At least 6.89 laws and 3 trump is an asshole mayorcommandments are broken by this blog on a daily basis. It is up to you to find out which.


So… ya know what?


Fuck you Donald Trump. Fuck your plans for office, and fuck your incredibly fucked up beliefs. You don’t deserve the most powerful position in the world.


You would find a way to abuse that much power and somehow turn it into a joke. America does not need a child who thrives on insults and never considers himself wrong as its’ president. America does not need a racist fuck making decisions that will affect millions of Americans, and we do not need someone who’s ego and arrogance will overpower his ability to be a formal representative of the United States of America.


Donald Trump, you are not going to make this country great again. You are going to turn this country into a mockery in front of the entire world.  

Source: hockeylvr42


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