Enlightened Conflict

stepping up … or pushing back?

April 2nd, 2010


“You cannot run away from a weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?”


Robert Louis Stevenson



We always talk about how every once in a while people step up.


Seeming to rising above not only what you expected but maybe what they expected of themselves.


When it happens sometimes people surprise you and sometimes they fall short.






We all face this opportunity we call ‘stepping up’ at least once in our lives (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually dozens).


Because life is funny that way.


It can push pretty hard.


So hard that it is quite tempting to lose hope you can deal with ‘the pushing.’pushback



But when you get pushed sometimes if you look close enough you find hope in the words of children, some song, a friend or in something your parents may have told you.



You find the hope … to push back.



And you push back.



I guess I am questioning ‘stepping up’.


It seems a simple concept. It would seem to mean to rise above yourself. Maybe to do a little more or to show something special. It is often a moment when it appears a door has been shut in your face.


Yet you recognize that another door waits to be opened.





That’s why I am not sure it is stepping up.



I think its finding something that already exists within yourself.


We all know life can be challenging and can push pretty damn hard sometimes.


Find your own examples.

I have my own.



In sports they call this ‘stepping up’.



In life I would call it pushing back.



Because when life wants to push you down, well, then I guess we learn to push back.





Next time Life pushes you … push back.

Enlightened Conflict