Enlightened Conflict

money versus hope

June 14th, 2014

hope to money-bags-sticky dreamstime


“… for there’s money in hope: the more desperate the hope, the richer the pickings.”

Richard Dawkins




“While there’s life, there’s hope.”







While it may sound naïve or maybe silly… I do believe there is nothing more important in business, individuals and Life … then Hope.


In addition.

I actually believe the world revolves around hope.


Think about it.



In relationships … in moments of anger or spite we starve the relationship of hope … in moments of compassion and love we feed hope.


In business … while we speak of vision and purpose as the most important organizational aspect … in fact … it is actually hope.

Leaders are like hope meteorologists providing daily, weekly and long term forecasts <sometimes even hourly>.

Employees go to sleep thinking about the weather that day and wake up checking the forecast for the day.





I thought about this in a business meeting yesterday.


hope cup ofThe conversation was endlessly circling a mind numbing array of technological patents owned by the company and how to make money from these  highly effective relatively simple to use <but with some usage flaw characteristics> products.


On and on ….



Superior than ‘x’ <already in market>.

Get rich.

<repeat loop endlessly>




Pragmatically I know that functional superiority is important … can I make whites whiter … can I make mold disappear faster from the shower … can the pen write while upside down in a space where there is no gravity and Yanni music plays nonstop.


I started tuning out.


And then I remembered one of the most important brand consulting lessons I learned years ago … and I dangled hope in front of them and the conversation.



“look … it all comes down to hope … we are all dealers in hope … hope for something better … hope to be better … hope to live better or have better … hope to actually help make the world better <either personally – as in making your kids and family better – or societally – as in doing things that contribute to a better world> … you have a bunch of patents on a bunch of shit that really does seem to work better than most of the shit out there in the market … but what hope do they meet? What do you hope happens with your shit being used?”




<note: while slightly bored at this point … and slightly deflated by the conversation up to that point … I edited out the ‘shits’ from my mental monologue>





That changed the whole tone and dynamic of the conversation.


Even the entrepreneur owner lit up.

We started talking about affecting obesity … affecting how much food is wasted by a typical household … affecting people’s health … affecting hope.


hopeWe started talking about real benefits of use beyond functional benefits. And even better? We started talking about benefits beyond ‘personal benefits.’


I admit.


It amazes me how I often I … a huge believer in hope … forgets how relevant hope is in every environment, to almost every discussion and choice … and how no matter the situation … taps into every soul in the room.


And, yes, even those who seem to be focused on ‘getting rich’ can be inspired by hope.


Along that thought … remember … money is not inherently evil.

But it is often dangerous because it has a power to make us forget about what is most important.



It doesn’t make us forget … maybe it just blinds us in its dazzle.


When a person gains ‘enough money’ <however an individual may define their own personal ‘enough’> they begin to feel that they are a success and in doing so they can forget their failure in some other aspects of Life.

And worse?


It can make you forget about hope.


Rather than trusting in money … we should trust in hope. Hope richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.

Hope provides far more security than any amount of money you can ever earn.




No real reason I wrote this other than the fact I was thinking about hope … and I imagine we all could take a little more time to think about hope.


Think about Hope in our personal lives … and <surprisingly to some> … in our business lives.


I will never tire of thinking and talking about Hope.


Hope is certainly worth more than money.

But finding hope … and how to fulfill hope … can have many rewards <even money in some cases>.




hope dance money

I hope you dance with Hope. In any room and even without music.



You will never go wrong in Life or business.

Enlightened Conflict