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Trump celebrates imminent nomination

May 7th, 2016


Trump celebrating after Indiana win and Cruz/Kasich dropping out .....

Trump celebrating after Indiana win and Cruz/Kasich dropping out …..


“Our country is going to hell.”





weakTrump has promised for weeks he is going to be ‘more presidential.’


serious nonsense absurdityI have seen few signs of this.


And the one time I did see him “try” was an incoherent foreign policy speech where, within the delivery, you could see the inner weakTrump fighting & clawing to get out at the end of every semi-presidential sentence <watch how he always ends his statements with some hyperbole or wasted adjective/adverb>.


He retains his bombastic juvenile  aggressive identity under the guise of some self-identified idea of ‘strong leadership’ and ‘telling it like it is.’




We, the people, should expect a leader to be, and act, like someone better than us. someone to emulate not simply be one of us.


I could go to the corner bar and run into a dozen “like-weakTrumps” bitching about what is wrong and boasting about what they would do.




I will go anywhere at any time to discuss & debate the lack of merits of weakTrump as a president.


And I will not lower myself to his grade school version of debating ideas or his incredibly naive perspective on America’s actions & behavior in a global perspective but instead I will end up using some advice that Alison Roy, a child and adolescent psychotherapist, recently outlined in dealing with a teenager:


  • In response to “you don’t understand/you don’t know what I’m talking about”, avoid saying “I do, I went through similar”. Instead, try something like: “OK, maybe I don’t, but help me understand.” Teenagers are so used to being told what to do by adults that this may stop them in their tracks. And you might learn something.



  • Never lose sight of what they are trying to communicate to you, even in a row. That rabid desire for the latest computer game? It may be a sign that real life is too stressful and they need an escape. Use phrases like “what would that mean to you?” or “what would happen if you didn’t get it?” to ascertain why it matters. Even if you then say no (and it is not only OK to say no, but necessary at times), they will have felt listened to.



I do believe we are not paying enough attention to what the people who are voting for weakTrump are REALLY saying. We get caught up in the trappings of what they say and therefore are not really listening to them.


weakTrump is managing the trappings and in doing so is failing rule #1 of any good effective leader. But I would argue we, the other leaders, are also failing in that we are so caught up in the trappings we are not truly understanding the attitudes and souls of who is following this asshat.




I despise his business acumen <winning is all that matters and how you win is irrelevant … well .. as long as it is him winning – notice how when one of the other candidates uses existing rules he calls it unfair and when he doesn’t win the system is rigged>.


I admit … I also question his business smarts … let alone his smarts at all. I am not suggesting he is dumb but I do question his thinking ability beyond what I would call “project negotiation” which is frankly, in sports terms, “all I need to do is win this game and not worry about winning the season mentality.”

He shows no signs of seeing the bigger picture in his tactical approach.



I despise his narcissistic characteristics and what that suggests as a potential leader.  He has a sly way of using his winning <which, remember, was done with a “whatever serves my purpose” attitude> to suggest he is not authoritarian but rather is an embodiment of what should be done and how it should be done.

In other words he cleverly shifts his authoritarianism to ‘the will of the people.’ But in the next breath he suggests that if you do not follow his lead you are “voted off the island.” Does he envision an island of only people who agree with everything he believes and says?



I question his leadership honesty. I could go on and on about how he doesn’t even lie … he just makes shit up or how he would publicly use the National Enquirer as a viable source <could you imagine a CEO of any viable business ever doing that?> and instead I will focus on “the will of the people” or “what the people want.”


He claims to be a business guy. And being a business guy myself … if I did the “will of my employees” every time they voiced something … well … we would most likely have gone out of business.trump winning art of complaining


People, employees, citizens express attitudes which should dictate a leader’s behavioral solutions. Rarely do they offer the actual behavior dictated for success … not because they are less smart or incapable … but because they see the world from where they are ‘up’ and a leader sees the world from where they are ‘down’ to the actions that need to be taken.

That is why you are a leader with the responsibility to understand their attitudes and offer actions to make them, and their lives, better.


I seriously doubt weakTrump doesn’t know this. And, that said, that means he is lying or simply pandering.

People should absolutely have a voice. And they should be heard. And the ‘kitchen table’ concerns should be acknowledged. But having led hundreds of employees I know I cannot solve the ‘kitchen table concern’ in every home. I had to think about how I could make the home life better overall and leave the kitchen table stuff to each person.


I will go anywhere.


Debate, discuss have a discourse with anyone.

But Trump is NOT America’s solution for a better world beyond the horizon.

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