A Rant on Healthcare Bill and Lots of Useless Ad $’s

There are a variety of insanity definitions but this one may rank right up there.

The NY Times on Monday states “millions being spent to sway democrats on health care bill” and then on Thursday USAToday runs an article showcasing the ‘for’ and the ‘against’ TV & radio advertisements (but doesn’t mention how much money I being invested in this little sign of insanity).

Here is the reality. About 30 million dollars is going to be spent on television advertising trying to manipulate people’s thinking (point of view) on the healthcare bill. While suggesting they are doing this to share “the facts” with people it is really about politicians who are concerned with re-election who need to be ‘swayed’ to vote correctly. Oh. And about $12 million of the total 30 is from a pharmaceutical company investment. Please don’t get me wrong. I am all for free speech. But this is out and out manipulation. (as well as insanity to spend this amount of money on this).

As Congress nears a final vote on health care legislation, the two groups that oppose and support the bill airing the ads that make claims about the impact it will have on Americans are:

Employers for a Health Economy ad

The US Chamber of Commerce and other trade organizations formed Employers for a Healthy Economy, which is running ads this week in the districts of some of the members of Congress considered to be swing votes on the health care bill.

Americans United for Change ad

The progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change is running new TV and radio ads urging members of Congress to support the President’s health care legislation.


If you truly believe that each group is going to honestly outline the pros and cons so people can create an educated decision point of view I have some beach property I can sell you in Somalia that is beautiful at a reasonable price.

In addition, as the NY Times states “for weeks democrats who support the bill have struggled to compete <moneywise> with the opposition.” So. If you believe you are going to hear both sides of the skewed perspective don’t plan on it.

Here’s the deal. No matter what your opinion is the health bill issue is complex. And, no, the government healthcare bill is not “socialism.” (that is an entirely different post on how politicians can find words that are used incorrectly but stir up the people in the way they want them to be manipulated). Wouldn’t it have been awesome (if not unreasonable) to have had the politicians go to their constituents and say:

“So, here is my dilemma. Here are the pros, here are the cons, these are the facts regardless of what warped perspectives you are being bombarded with, and this is the no bullshit truth. As you can see this is complicated. Here is what I believe I best for us locally. Here is what I believe is best nationally. (and, oh by the way, they may not be the same.) I would like your point of view before I vote.”

But, no, that would be too logical wouldn’t it? So let’s spend $30 million telling people the part of the story we want them to hear and make this a situation where no one wins when it is all over and done (cause there are gonna be a bunch of really pissed off people regardless of what happens now).

Written by Bruce