de palmas – a music post

Gerald de Palmas is a French musician. I am not that worldly that I know international musicians and music unless I get lucky.  And I found de Palmas out of sheer chance.  I did happen to be in Paris at the time and sitting in a café sipping some wine and this song came on over the sound system.  And I loved it from the first chord.  It also gave me an excuse to polish off the glass of wine to get my happy ass back up toward the bartender and ask who the heck was singing the song.

So.  Here is the song that introduced me to de Palmas.

jen reve encore:

But the reason I wrote this post is for a new song I heard from good ole Gerald who seems to crank out cd after cd in France (but doesn’t seem to get played in the good ole USofA). He has been recording since 1994 (when he was voted France’s best new musician based on his first cd). And with some big gaps between cds he has kept on recording. Here is the newest song I have heard.

Mon coeur ne bat plus:

Its good stuff.

Awesome coming out of the speakers on a cool summer evening on the front porch (and even more awesome if you happen to be in Paris).

Regardless.  Enjoy in your own living room and porch.  Its good stuff.

Written by Bruce