good #2’s


The music business constantly reminds me I would probably suck at selecting which songs to release for new cd releases.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … or maybe I have finally uncovered the secret behind releasing singles.

I have figured out those wily record executives purposefully don’t release the best song first. Or at least that is the way it seems sometimes.

With that thought in mind here are three #2 song releases from bands that maybe we were wondering if they were just releasing the only song worth a shit on their cd with their first radio song.


Scars on 45

Release number 2 is a song called Hearts on Fire.  I purposefully started on this one because I am going to slightly backtrack on the “better than the initial release” comment. Their first release “give me something” is spectacular.  Awesomely spectacular. A spectacular example of a catchy indie pop song. Hearts on Fire just shows a different side of the band’s catchy songwriting capabilities.  The song was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. These guys kinda remind me of a more upbeat Snow Patrol.

Hearts on Fire:




Back to the second song is better than the first.

The first song released gave me hope that the old Evanescence was back anew. It wasn’t perfect. And it wasn’t completely original.  But it sounded like … well .. good Evanescence.

Song number 2? Spectacular.

Nothing more to say about it than that.  If you like Evanescence you will love their second release.

Heart is Broken:

Third (and last).

Redlight King


I never saw this one coming. Song number one was based on sampling (Neil Young’s Old Man) and was great.  It was a great original piece of songwriting. It was interesting and it had a distinct sound. So distinct it is hard to place … alt-folk-rap-angst-storytelling music? Anyway.  Release number two is spectacular.  And it is storytelling music at its best.  Redlight King may be one of the best new singer/songwriters in music.

Bullet in my Hand:


Being number 2 isn’t always bad.

Written by Bruce