own your own island


Owning an island?




Well. Don’t ask me why but after seeing Nicholas Cage had to sell the island he owned (because Fast & Furious 2 or Gone in 60 seconds … whichever it was … didn’t produce in the box office I guess) I decided to see how much it would cost to buy an island.



What the hell.


What’s wrong with buying an island getaway?

Or even getaway to an island forever.

Anyway. The answer? $90000.islas-el-peru-2

That’s for 1.5 acres in the Caribbean.

Islas el Peru.

Awesome name.


It’s near Nicaragua but at this price you can buy yourself a gun so you have that going for you.

Whoda thunk you could buy an island for cheaper than you could buy a 2 bedroom condominium in a US city.

And this island is located 15 minutes via boat from the colonial city of Granada.

The island is one of three properties … two of which have been joined together by the construction of a seawall. They say its perfect for fishing because the surrounding waters have tropical fish like red snapper, striped sea bass and some others I guess fisherpeople fish for.

The islands have an abundance of fruit trees like mangos and coconuts and are partially surrounded by the seawall.

Utilities can be brought in from the nearby mainland which is just a 5 minutes swim away from the islands. (I LOVED typing “just 5 minutes swim away)



Even better.

$45000 for a small island in the Philippines.


$45 frickin’ thousand dollars.


And as a bonus (no extra cost) it is called Gilligan’s Island.





This one is a 3 acre island with a small cottage and tiny beachfront area. gilligans-island-2The summit of the island is ideal for building a nice holiday place with magnificent views (cause it’s a stretch to call what is there a cottage). The coral and diving are excellent and several other people like us (ok. non Filipinos.) already own land and resorts in the area.



I don’t know about everyone else, but this not only surprised me but also made me think of packing it all up and heading out to an island.

I know  … I know  …  buying an island comes with its own set of problems and responsibilities, but the fact that it’s actually within reach is awesome.

Something to ponder on those days when … well .. you need to ponder things like this.

Written by Bruce