porky’s goes to the olympics

Oops. I meant to post this earlier.

Apparently a diehard fan of the movie Porky’s attended this year’s London Olympics.

Yup. Some <creepy> guy was nabbed peeking into the women’s showers:

–          Locker-room voyeur sentenced

A British judge says a voyeur who snooped on members of China’s Olympic swimming team risks being sent to prison if he enters a female locker room in the next 5 years.

Declan Crosbie was sentenced Monday after he previously admitted a charge of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offense. Prosecutors told Leeds Crown Court that the 25-year-old snuck into a locker room at a swimming training center, and was caught peeking over the top of cubicles as female Chinese Olympic athletes got changed.

When staff went to investigate, Crosbie hid in a cubicle and imitated a woman’s voice.

Judge Peter Collier banned Crosbie from female changing rooms or toilets for 5 years. Any breach of that ban could see him jailed.


There are so many things to comment on I am not sure where to start.

–          Imitating a woman’s voice?

Begs the question … did he do it in a Chinese falsetto? did he speak in Chinese? What exactly did he say?

Note: I give him credit for creative quick thinking … but now I have visions of RuPaul at the Olympics.

–          Banned from female changing rooms or toilets for 5 years?

Whoa. Does that mean after 5 years he can hang out in female changing rooms <or toilets>?

Note: this kind of sentencing makes you really wonder about a legal system.


Creepiness aside … I found this interesting because in the 80’s two movies came out at the same time with voyeur scenes … one was creepy (Porky’s) and one was hysterically funny in its absurdity (Animal House).

Porky’s was just a bad movie. But young boys flocked to it reveling in it’s over the top imagery of all that a testosterone driven male loves to imagine.

Porky’s is embodied not only by the double entendre of Porky’s bar name but also the girl’s locker room scene: http://www.funnyscreen.net/play.php?vid=770

<some parts NSFW>


<I bet detectives found a well worn HD version of Porky’s in Declan Crosbie’s flat>

On the other hand … Animal House remains a classic today. Brilliantly written with an amazing cast the movie is not defined by its voyeur scene but rather that scene is defined by the absurdity of it and the non-creepiness of the character. To this day … I still laugh my ass off watching Bluto slam the ladder against the sorority house as he shifts it from one window to the next <and no one notices>.

The famous pillow fight with “peeping Tom” Bluto <John Belushi> outside on the ladder. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1151936/mary_louise_weller_from_animal_house/


When you read a story like this, the peeping guy at the Olympics, you not only think “WTF” but you also have to think … “and what exactly was he thinking that made him think this was a good idea?”


And be reminded to watch Animal House again.

Written by Bruce