sebastian pigott – a music post

Unless you are Canadian you probably have no clue who Sebastian Pigott is. 

And I wouldn’t have known who the hell he was if I hadn’t flipped over to a Being Erica rerun on Sunday morning while drinking my coffee (and already watched Sportscenter two times). He plays a character called Kai (I think) in the show Being Erica.  The show doesn’t have particularly good music (just great quotes) but he makes an appearance as a singer songwriter.  He first made an appearance and became a youtube star with a song called Alien Like You. in fact he gained popularity because people lieked the version he played on the show better then the one he played on his cd (which I think he is in a band with his brother but I cannot remember the name of the duo).

Here is the Being Erica version of “alien like you”:

But the main reason I wrote this post is because of the song I just heard on the show. Two worlds Divide. I imagine it should be a hit like Alien like You. in addition I imagine the tv show version will be significantly better than the cd version.

The show is quirky. The main character (Erica) even quirkier.  Strange in fact. I say that to preface the song and a pull from the show:

KAI: “I wanna start off with a song… with a song I wrote for a strange girl.”

This moment

Will be stolen

When our two worlds collide

Here is Two Worlds Divide:


Written by Bruce