Every once in a while you actually receive a sales driven email that is worth a shit.

I received one from The Futures Company (it used to be called Yankelovich and please don’t ask me why they change their name).

They called it the “you don’t know Jack <about multicultural marketplace> quiz.”

And, you know, I took the quiz … and … I don’t know jackshit about the multicultural marketplace.

And I bet you don’t either.


Take the quiz.

Here it is:

How much do your know about the Multicultural Marketplace?

The Futures Company challenges you to find out exactly how much you know (or don’t know) about the multicultural marketplace.

<note: they have requested I remove the link to the quiz … therefore … if you you would like to take it go to the Futures website – – and search for ‘you don’t know jack’ which is what they actually called the quiz>.

Written by Bruce