a new Africa

I like perspective. Especially when it addresses common misperceptions.

I have never been to Africa <and it is not on my bucket list>.

Therefore all my perspective of Africa is driven by maps <which are typically not, size-wise, indicative of true perspective>, pictures and stories <and all the economic & education stuff I like to weave my way through>.

I sense all of us who have never been to Africa have a skewed perspective.

And I came across a blog that I found interesting … and I chuckled a little when I read it because it directly addressed something I imagine I knew … but I didn’t know.

Africa – more than one story: http://www.globalpovertyproject.com/blogs/view/648

Africa is a huge continent.

From Cape Town in south Africa to Cairo in north Africa it is about 4500 miles <United States is a little less than 3000 miles across>.

In-between are about 1.3 billion people earning a living and raising families and doing the best they can.

News seems to focus on the dictators, riots, poverty and wars … and ignoring peaceful elections, thriving cultural industries and increasing wealth <and education>.

After reading this post <and the link below as well> I hope the narratives of Africa begin shifting. I would like to hear more discussion on the ‘new Africa.’

We have an entire world changing, and evolving, right before our eyes … I would hate t miss seeing it.

And I loved this blog:

African women can blog: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/africa-blog/2012/oct/02/msafropolitan-minna-salami-blog?intcmp=239

Sometimes our perceptions are worth examining for a reality check.


All the time.

Written by Bruce