Addictive Song of the Month … Owl City Fireflies


“Fireflies” by Owl City

(Although I am not convinced it isn’t just the Postal Service guys under a different name.)

Owl City is one guy and a synthesizer and a basement (geez. Sounds like Postal Service. Or Depeche Mode).


Fireflies is addictive. Addictive in the way Edie Brickell and New Bohemians “What I Am” was. (and the Fireflies video is eerily like the What I Am video).


If I were a betting man I think it’s gonna be on my one-hit wonder list some day.

It has all the feel of a one-hit wonder. Now. Don’t get me wrong. I love this song. It is catchy and easy to listen to. Kind of frivolously happy (in an “All I Wanna Do” Sheryl Crow kind of way). The difference to me is the synthesizer songwriting of Owl City versus a Sheryl Crow or Dave Mathews kind of writer. Okay. So Depeche Mode kind of beats this theory but there were a lot of drugs involved there and their music has never been construed as frivolously happy.

I know I haven’t heard anything else from Owl City. My guess is I would find one other song on the cd that was kind of cool. But for now it is one hit and it is FRICKIN ADDICTIVE.

Hey. I hope this guy proves me wrong. Until then I will happy listen to Fireflies.

Written by Bruce