Addictive song of the month – Hey, Soul Sister by Train

Train is one of those unforgettable top 40 radio bands that seem to go on and on and…onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in their careers (think Maroon 5)…but…oh my…this song is addictive.

The lyrics are kind of pedantic (especially “my untrimmed chest” lyric which seems to come out of nowhere…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…come to think of it…how do you incorporate untrimmed chest and make it not seem to come out of nowhere?)




Your foot starts tapping, you hum along…you want to start liking it. You turn the radio up. Super catchy riffs. God … it is addictive.


And I don’t even like Train.


It is a frickin’ great driving song.


The video is a waste except for a kind of neat visual technique they use with the lyrics. In the end I guess I was just disappointed that they didn’t highlight the untrimmed chest lyrics in the technique.

Written by Bruce