alex clare


I am not sure I am going to like all of Alex Clare’s music but I know for sure that I have been listening to this one song of his, Too Close, for the last three months or so and every time it comes on the radio I turn up the radio a little.

He is a British singer-songwriter probably more well known for dating Amy Winehouse for a year (apparently they met while he performed and worked at a bar she frequented).

He also trained to be a chef while he was playing gigs.

It is his voice for Microsoft’s advertising campaign for Internet Explorer 9 which also features Too Close.

His voice has a melancholy soulful resonance.

If he writes more songs like Too Close I think we will be hearing more about him … but for now … Too Close is pretty good.

Too Close:

And a couple more songs for listening:

Relax my Beloved:



Written by Bruce