animal farm – hip hop music


I heard a hip hop song on the local college radio station that was really catchy and I got lucky in that the dj (which is often entertainment in its own right on a college station) mumbled through what the heck he had been playing.

The band was called Animal Farm. They kinda claim to be a mix of hip hop, soul and funk.  From Portland Oregon so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they aren’t a little unusual.

And the band members names? Gen.Erik, Hanif Wondir, Fury, Serge Severe, DJ Wels

How awesome is that.

Here they are.

“test of time” is the featured song (and it is very good) but down below there is a video for “do what I do” which is the song that introduced me to this hip hop band.

This hip hop group is making noise from somewhere within a city known for its indie rocking, coffee drinking, bike riding environmental nutcase citizen base.

The songs I have highlighted are from their cd Culture Shock which features “a host of legends including Talib Kweli, X-Ecutioners’ DJ Rob Swift as well as Abstract Rude.”

(I included that just to sound cool but I have no frickin’ idea who all these legends are)


What I like about Animal Farm is that the group does seem to have an interesting ability to blend a soulful, funky sound with some nifty lyrics.

The Culture Shock cd was entirely produced by group member Gen. Erik whose production has appeared on MTV and a new behind the scenes Powerade commercial with NBA Superstar Chris Paul. Animal Farm’s “Back in the Days”, which appears on Culture Shock, was also recently featured on NBC and MTV2’s coverage of the Dew Tour. has claimed “It won’t be too long before Animal Farm becomes a favorite among hip hop heads.”

I agree.  This group delivers the goods.

Written by Bruce