evanescence returns

my oh my.

Amy Lee’s huge voice is returning to the radio.

Oh. Just to digress a minute before I talk about Amy Lee and the return of Evanescence … boy … it sure does seem like this is the summer of “returns” in music.  I have already written about Jane’s Addiction. And there is a new Bush song on the radio “Sounds of Winter” that is kind of a mellower Bush but has that nice Gavin Rossdale sound.  And I am sure I am forgetting another obvious one …. oh … Blink182 (which actually just sounds like Angels & Airwaves with the Blink182 lineup).

Anyway. It seems that Evanescence has a new cd release at the end of the year and just released the first single.

What You Want:


it sounds good.

I love the musical ‘tricks’ the band seems to consistently incorporate into their songs that strengthen their songs. For example I love how they use Amy’s voice (which tends to strengthen as it goes up in progressive notes) to actually follow the music in downward progressive chords deepening in resonance with “down … down .. down” in the lyrics.

Nice little touch that makes for good listening.

Anyway.  I like that it sounds like first cd Evanescence (although I would pay Ben Moody myself to rejoin the band and write songs with Amy Lee … they were a very good songwriting combo).

I fell in like with Evanescence with ‘bring me to life’ (who didn’t?).

My feelings deepened when I got their first cd and top-to-bottom was one of the best cds I bought that year (and it still sounds great).

And fell in love when I saw them live at a Music Midtown in Atlanta almost 10 years ago and they were awesome live.

Good band with a good lead singer.

And good live. Amy Lee delivers the goods live which is tough to do.

To me she is this generation’s Nancy Wilson of Heart. Big voice that sometimes doesn’t even need a microphone to fill a room.

Here they are live.

(live premiere) What You Want:



The new song sounds really good on the radio in the car.

Written by Bruce