Some people, when asked, cannot say what their dream job is <excluding fireman or Swedish gymnast as options>. It is a tough question. Tougher than most people think.

Interestingly I can.

I am very clear on what I would do if given the opportunity and I am very clear on whether I am capable of doing the job. I have thought about it, written about it, identified what would need to be done to accomplish it … and I would kill to do the job (or even present how it could be done to someone who could afford to do it).

We just posted “A Legacy I Dream of Leaving Behind” under the “About Enlightened Conflict” page.

What is my dream job?

Educating a Global Generation.

<I have an entire site dedicated to this idea, initiative and thinking: Project Global Generation –>

That vision is what started me on this whole blogging/site thing. It is the tactical embodiment of “Enlightened Conflict” (or at least the one tactical embodiment that drives the concept … I’m sure others could arrive at additional tactical embodiments).

I will write more detail on the topic (when I am not posting more topical items).

But. In the meantime read what we have posted and if you know anyone who wants to hear my thoughts I would pack my bag and go to Gdansk to talk about it if that is what it would take).

Written by Bruce