find your beach with corona


I just saw (heard) the Corona television campaign again this weekend.  Haven’t seen it in a while and I had almost forgotten how much i like it.

First.  Let me say that I have always liked the Corona advertising.  Simple.  Charming.  Always a little smile. And always perfectly captured the essence of all ‘senses’ which you would want associated with drinking a Corona (bring the beach, sunset, warmth, comfortable love/companionship to wherever you are).

They have never been slapstick.  They have been steadfastly Corona in character. And they have always done it with style.


The best part of the new Corona commercial (to me the music lover) is the song it features:   A song called ‘Secret Sun’ by Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos (I had never heard of him or the Ferdinandos butthis song comes from their 2003 album ‘The Secret Sun.’)

Of course the commercial features stunningly photographed seasons and beautiful settings, young couples and friends sharing the view all the while, of course, sharing their beer. (side note: you can always count on a Corona commercial to always be impeccably shot with glaringly clean unfiltered lenses which capture every natural hue at its richest)

Find Your Beach:


All the beautiful footage sweeps over the screen to the light music with the following words:

“Meet me by the sea again. Past the point where the shoreline bends. Where the sand is soft and warm. And hangs upon your golden arm. And time won’t move at all.”


This (debut but now old) TV spot (called “Moments”) is a little different than what we have seen in the past from Corona in that it features a montage of scenes at slightly unexpected places for a typical Corona spot – from a mountain vista to a Big Sur cliff to a New York City rooftop.  Luckily (just so no one gets confused) the commercial ends with a couple on an iconic beach with a new tagline “Find Your Beach.”

The other thing I like about this campaign is the point of view. You never see anyone’s face full on. You are always looking at the view and the people from behind. It is always about the experience and the environment and the feeling that is captured when you have a Corona in your hand.  Awesome subtle thinking.  Managed well.


I admit.

I like it (and I like a nice cold Corona too).

And, for once, I actually thought the quotes I could find from the advertising/marketing people associated with the commercials to make sense and articulate the thinking very well:

“What we want ‘Find Your Beach’ to do is literally show that the beach is where you make it,” said the chief creative officer of Cramer-Krasselt (Corona’s ad agency).  “We want to give literal, visual permission for people to take the Corona mindset with them.  Even to the ski slopes or the big city.  ‘Find Your Beach’ is a kind of how-to guide for the Corona way.”

“White beaches, gentle waves, a guy and a girl relaxing seaside … these have long been symbols of the escape mindset associated with Corona,” said the EVP Marketing, Crown Imports/Corona.  “Our new ‘Find Your Beach’ ads encourage fans to find their beach, wherever it may be expanding that Corona state of mind beyond the ‘sun, sand and surf.'”

Well said gentlemen.

And well done.


Time for a Corona.

Find your beach.

Written by Bruce