have a bloody mary

So. I have been a Silversun Pickups fan ever since  heard one of their songs on some random san Francisco unknown band late night radio show.

But, I admit, I like their music in doses. Similar to Billy Corrigan’s voice with The Smashing Pumpkins the vocals, when they are right, are really right … and when they are wrong … well … it is grating.


They just released their first album since 2009. Neck of the Woods is pretty good with their style of a driving low level rock propelled by nice melodies … and oddly <for songs that have a nice melody> they aren’t driven by some great hook but rather a good 4-5 minutes of a song tied together really well.

“Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” is the first single from Neck of the Woods and it is a really good song. Here is what one reviewer said:

Musically, “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” recalls the way M83 manages to construct the ethereal guitar textures and romance-glistening synths of the John Hughes era into something distinctly modern. Aubert’s wistful chorus, meanwhile, alludes to the spooky sleep-over game that South Park updated several years ago to involve Biggie Smalls. This five-minute dream-popper has more live-band muscle than your average chillwave ‘80s reverie, though the bittersweet emotional state it conveys isn’t necessarily any easier to articulate.


I thought the metaphors went a little overboard <but it was a fun read and I did like the M83 reference> but at least it wasn’t your typical Rolling Stone pretentious review.


Here is Bloody Mary. 6 minutes of a pretty sweeping melodic rock song.

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxSWj5bou9M&ob=av2n

Written by Bruce