help wanted: company desperately in need of PR agency

I am semi fascinated by this Vatican public speaking thing going on sort of in a NASCAR crash sort of way.

I don’t know what I am thinking but I imagine I thought that the Vatican has a very well run bank of pretty amazing size.

They have a veritable city that they run with an efficiency that some smaller city officials could probably learn some things from.

They have a dispersed organization similar to many of the largest global franchise organizations and it runs pretty efficiently.

And for God’s sake (oops. probably a poor choice of words) they have been speaking publicly for several hundred years or so.tedcommandments

So. You would think they could at least get their words right when they speak. Instead we have to wonder what the Vatican officials are smoking. And if they truly expect everyone to believe this gobbledygook they are sharing, well, then they need to share whatever it is they are smoking. It’s only fair (and it may be the only way we can understand why the hell they are saying what they are saying).

The latest? Pope’s right hand man blames homosexuality not celibacy for pedophilia.

Ok. I have never really understood the whole public relations game but I do know that I have taken some gangbuster media training seminars so that I would never say something this stupid when in front of a microphone let alone a camera.

Hey Vatican. Time to post a help wanted ad. You need a public relations agency. At minimum take a media training class. Oh. And when in doubt follow the “Ted Commandments.” It seems the 6th commandment would be an outstanding one for the Vatican to follow. Oh. And “Ted” is some guy who is a public speaking coach. I would source it but I cannot remember where I dug it up from.  But I loved it for the Vatican.

Written by Bruce