hurricane – an anthemic song

Okay.  This is about 30 Seconds to Mars and a song called Hurricane.

First. 30 seconds to Mars.

Let’s be clear.  All of their popular songs (This is War, Beautiful Lie, Kings & Queens, etc.) are ‘big.’ I mean anthemic. I mean arena-filling sounding with people standing arms spread wide open to Jared Leto’s soaring screams type big.

Second. Hurricane … the official video:

This song snuck up on me in the middle of their newest cd. Its track 6.  It’s one of those sneaky slower ballady type rocks songs but I bet is awesome in a cavernous arena.

30 Seconds isn’t above some flashy production tricks in the studio (but I have seen them live on Palladia and they sound pretty frickin’ good without all the studio tricks) and Hurricane utilizes some nice steady beat production things but soars on occasion and seems to gather itself at some points to make sure it isn’t some completely vanilla smooth ballad.

So.  Some of their other songs may be a little too, well, ‘too’ for you but this one may be able to give you a taste of what is floating today’s 20something’s boat without completely making your ear’s explode.

Give it a shot.

This showcases the theatrical aspect of 30 Seconds.

It is 30 seconds to mars ‘hurricane’ featured in a 13 minute length video by Bartholomew Cubbins.

Stars jared leto.  Shows how big they think about everything.  A very visual anthemic type band. Artistic rock at its best.

Written by Bruce