I am behind the times but an addictive song: “Help, I’m Alive” by Metric

Metric is an indie pop rock group from Canada led by singer-songwriter Emily Haines.  Their music is best described as a mix between new wave and modern dance rock. Suffice it to say it is energetic. The band’s sound is glammed-up 4/4 synth rock, with songs within songs and complex rhythm changes.


“The idea is, we’re taking [René] Descartes and kicking him down,” front woman Emily Haines said of the French philosopher who said the psyche and body were mutually exclusive. “We’re saying soul, mind and body are together and kicking him where it hurts.”


(Awesome manifesto even if you don’t like their music)


Back to the addictive song. “Help, I’m Alive” is from the newest Metric CD Fantasies. The trouble with showcasing “Help, I’m Alive” is that the cd has maybe 5 or 6 addictive songs (the radio is just playing that song now – and “Gold Gun Girls” just last night).


Metric’s Fantasies has turned out to be one of those rare gems that you can enjoy all the way through. Beyond the incredibly addictive “Help, I’m Alive,” I highly recommend “Gimme Sympathy” (which is frickin awesome), “Gold Gun Girls” (which is frickin awesome), “Twilight Galaxy,” and “Blindness.” The album ranges from mellow rock to slightly edgy, never harsh.


Perfect for driving or if you need something to get you going in the morning beyond the strong cup of coffee.

Written by Bruce