in the valley with eisley


I finally picked up the newest cd from Eisley. Eisley (three sisters, a brother, and a cousin) seems like they have been around forever but only have 3 cds (a bunch of EPs) since they began in Tyler Texas as a tween age band.   They have consistently been a light hooky iteration of emo-pop. But on Valley they seemed to have grown up.  Their music has matured – lyrically as well as arrangement wise. And all that said … they are still in their young 20’s.


This is their first cd since 2007’s Combinations (which was good but not great). This cd they maintain their oddly enchanting pop sound but it is definitely more gritty, and lush.  And intricate.  And a little dark (or as dark as Eisley can be in their ethereal singing type of way).  Track 1 was an odd choice (not a particularly good song) but Track 2 (Smarter) is a really good song, well crafted and immediately showcases the maturing of the band’s sound. It is darker with harder edges.


If you care to hear the difference just listen to tracks 8 & 9 on The Valley (Kind & Mr. moon I believe) and compare it to “One Day I Floated Away” or “”Plenty of paper” on their first cd.  While their first cd was beautiful sounding it was very light and young sounding.  Now they have a richer sound but still haven’t lost their easy listening poppy likeable sound.

One reviewer called their sound “hyper-melodic indie pop” which seems to summarize it well.

The newest cd is different because it is sounding board for songwriters/singers Sherri and Stacy DuPree, who swap tales of heartbreaking letdowns with a tinge of anger and reflection. The Valley offers several dense, affecting songs while still offering up musical arrangements that keep bouncing around in your head.

The Valley is the band’s best album yet.

Oh.  And just for a comparison point to Smarter I included a very very young Eisley and their song

“I wasn’t Prepared”:

Written by Bruce