It must be Tough when the World Revolves Around You

bananas and milk

Look. I admit. I like the E-Trade baby television campaign. I think it’s funny, entertaining and makes the point about how easy e-trade is to use (and be successful using it).

And I guess celebrities (ok. actors and actresses) must be watching it too because Lindsay Lohan is making a stink about something that I wouldn’t have put together unless she had put it together for me.

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade over the recent “milk-a-holic” TV ad as a defamation to her character (the milk-a-holic chick in the ad is named Lindsay).

Either this is an amazing (amazingly stupid) public relations ploy to get Lindsay’s name in the press or Lindsay is confident that everything in the world revolves around her. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that the milk-a-holic was a reference to Lohan. Shit. While I love that ad I am not sure I even remembered the baby’s name (probably because I was laughing over the milk-a-holic line).

So now the legal machine is kicking in with innumerable billable hours and investing energy addressing such a nonsensical issue that it kind of makes our legal system look stupid. This is nuts. She is bananas (if i may use that word). 

When I first read about this while stupefied I caught a glimpse of sanity in the last two lines of the article:

In December the advertising agency’s chief creative officer, Tor Myrhen, was asked whether “Lindsay” was a reference to Lohan.

“Not at all. I don’t think we even thought of it at the time,” he said.

Written by Bruce