le sexoflex


So this is a band and song you would only hear on college radio (and lo and behold I did). Le Sexoflex is a more overtly raunchy B-52’s.  Or maybe a sexually driven Dee-lite (remember them?).

That is about all I can think of as a description to set expectations.

I was driving home and had the local college radio station on and they were having their techno night and a song came on that was addictively techno and incredibly sexual but about “sipping on a juicebox” and … well … here it is (probably NSFW):

Juicebox: http://vimeo.com/33340940

I still have the lyrics “sip, sip, sip on my juicebox” playing on an endless loop in my head.

Le Sexoflex is an unsigned electronic/rap/comedy group from Atlanta.  Humorously they often call Atlanta – ‘Buttlanta’. This is one of those groups where all their members have randomly descriptive names. Miss Lady Flex. Princess Genius. Vas D. Peep Peep. Master Dong.

There are some great factoids I dug up that I want to include because … well … it makes for entertaining reading.

–          Le Sexoflex was previously named Insane-O-Flex due to the contribution of vocals from Dana Swanson (Miss Lady Flex) on the song “I Like Your Booty (But I’m Not Gay)” featured in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007) which had a robot named Insanoflex.

–          Le Sexoflex first gained notoriety for the video for their song “Marriott Cock Squat” which was filmed and directed by Hagan Pie at Dragon*Con 2008.

C’mon. how could I not include that?

Bottom line?

They are …. well …  crude, nasty, sexy, and just plain ridiculous.

And “sip, sip, sip on my juicebox” and smile.

Written by Bruce