lenny song: come on and get it

I have always been a Lenny Kravitz fan.

(If you have an opportunity, go see him in concert)

He is incredible  and maybe in my top 10 concerts of all time.


I heard this song featured on a local radio station the other night. They announced this new Lenny song  called “Come on and Get it.”

This song is everything I like about Lenny’s music.

He has always been a rock musician but also has incorporated a funk undertone to his best stuff.  And this song takes the funk to an entirely new level with horns and an amazing funk riff with a power chord progression.

When I went on YouTube  looking for the song video I found out they used this song for the NBA All Star game. So here you go.  Lenny at his best.

Come on and Get IT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjgp7M_KPQI&feature=fvwk


One last thing.

The other thing I really like about Lenny is his consistency. He writes in the same style song in and song out yet it always sound fresh and great to listen to. Anyway.  This is just a quick post to highlight Lenny back on the radio.


Written by Bruce