Music from The Shore: Listen to Me, Showers You in … well … listen

Ok. The Shore’s first album “The Shore” has been one of my most listened to cds since it came out over four years ago.

It is awesome top to bottom. If you haven’t heard it find it and listen.

Of course I have had reservations about their second cd because … well … how many bands have awesome debuts and then just suck on cd 2? (too many to count)

Well.  For some reason the Shore’s second release “Light Years” has only been released as an mp3 distribution. Awesome.

It is frickin’ awesome.

It may actually be an improvement on their first album.


They don’t have videos (well they have one down & dirty one for Hard Road on their myspace page).

And I don’t know where I can snag a song to put in here (and I still haven’t figured out the whole vanity link name thing yet) so all I can do is shoot you over to their Myspace page which has some live videos and songs:

The Shore myspace:

(note: if you have never heard Hard Road off their first cd listen to the new radio mix on myspace page … it is one the best well crafted melodic-sweeping songs that never made radio play … of all time)

Off Light Years. I love Listen to Me. I cannot stop listening to “Showers you in Love.” “When Tomorrow Comes” is awesome too. They just have an awesome sound.

Ok. Here is what you can expect (so you can filter whether you will like them or not).

The Shore sound is heavily influenced by “psychedelic” bands like The Byrds, The Beatles, Coldplay, and The Beach Boys as well as Britpop groups Oasis and The Verve.

They get compared to Ashcroft/Verve all the frickin’ time but I actually think they are a cross between The Byrds & Oasis (if you can believe that). Has that Noel Gallagher British languid singing style with The Byrds pop but country flavor musicianship.

The craftsmanship that seems to go into every nook and cranny of their songs is really really nice.

Makes for great listening.

These guys bring something honest to the table that can be loved by everyone. That snarky kid who brushes by you on his skateboard is going to like The Shore because they rock and they are for real. The tween girl down the street who watches The OC reruns is going to adore them because their catchy songs speak of a universal love that she can only dream about. Grown men and women are going to like their music because there is honest to goodness melodic feel in their songs.
About them?

They love Neil Young. They Love The Verve. They love what is old and what is new. They love plain and simple music as well as what the possibilities of studio innovation and they seem to blend it into a human sound (I couldn’t think of another word than human while writing this).

Anyway. They are one of music’s beautiful little secrets of extraordinary music you don’t get to hear on the radio.

Written by Bruce