My One Hit Wonder Revision: Replacing 46bliss

So. Dropping 46bliss from my one hit wonder list compelled me to replace them with one of the songs I contemplated for the original list but, probably because I was tired of typing, left them off. But I am fresh now so I am adding three to replace 46bliss:

Joseph Arthur “Honey and the Moon”- A beautiful song. “I wish I could follow you to the shores of freedom but no one hears. ” The only song he did worth a shit and it is a good one. For those who pay attention to this kind of stuff, this song was kind of Ryan and Marissa’s song on the TV show the OC. The show producer admitted he loved the song and built some key scenes around it.

Alexi Murdoch “Orange Sky” – It got used in a Nissan Pathfinder commercial I think. It is a 7 minute song so it’s not radio friendly. But it sure is nice. Most of the rest of his stuff to date is unmemorable but this one is one you put on a mix tape for a friend.

Blur “There’s no Other Way” – Blur fans are gonna hate me. I really really wanted to like Blur’s music but I could never get the hang of it. Oh. Except There’s no Other Way. It’s like they stumbled around getting close with some nice hooks and melodies on other songs until this one came along. And then they got their shit together for one huge hook driven beast of a pop song.

Written by Bruce