nada surf

Nada Surf is one of those bands who seem to live on the fringe of radio play and popularity. The odds are you have heard at least one of their songs at some point … and you actually liked it. It is difficult to not like their music. They just tend to write stuff that makes your toe tap, almost always has a hook that grabs you and most likely has at least one line that just sticks in your head.

Well. they released their 7th album The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (I love the name of the album and it is actually a great line in a great song on the album).

What I have always really liked about Nada Surf is that while they are seriously catchy/poppy they write thoughtful songs … and have that great presenter trait knack in that they have a tendency to only use enough words to say what needs to be said <i.e., they don’t typically waste words nor waste music>.

Always Love and From Now On are brilliantly written simple songs … and 3 minutes or less in length.

Killian’s Red and 80 Windows are more complex thoughtfulness stories and almost 5 minutes in length.


I have always been a Nada Surf fan. I could easily fill up a greatest hits cd with the songs they have done to date <and I will probably write that post one day>. What I do know is that whenever I play something of theirs inevitably someone ends up asking me “who is this?”

Check out their newest cd.

And here is some music to check out here.

“Waiting for something” is everything you will love, or hate, about Nada Surf.

<it is the featured song/video  on their site>

Probably most known for Always Love:

And Weightless remains one of my favorite songs <lyrics + composition> of all bands:

As a bonus.

Probably my favorite two songs of theirs … lesser known but I love ‘em ..

80 Windows … with the great line … “the moon is closer to the sun than i am to anyone”

And Killian’s Red:


Written by Bruce