So.  Awhile back I featured Lenny Kravitz’s song used for the NBA.  Great song.  Great use of a song.  Great decision by NBA.

And then they top it.

Right before the Heat-Bulls first game they crank up a Prince music video/commercial (him wearing a gold lame full body unitard like thing) that was awesome. It may actually not be a great song.


It is an absolutely great song for the situation.

I have read a lot of complaints online about it being a crappy song and Prince not being relevant and bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


I don’t get the complaints. The song is a perfect fit in the commercial.  Thanks to some great editing it’s almost like he wrote it specifically for the commercial. One word to summarize it … awesome.

The song is Prince “Laydown”:

It is almost perfect editing, matching Prince’s moves, facial expressions and words to the player footage.

Prince may be a weirdo.  And his choice of clothing to entertain in is always amusing. But this song is absofrickinlutely perfect for the NBA.  It was a perfect way to introduce the Heat-Bulls matchup.

And (of course) I love the fact the NBA has recognized the strength in linking music to sports.

Keep watching (says Kobe … the “purple yoda” in Prince’ song … thru editing).

Written by Bruce