never go back

A Vermont band. Go figure.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is from Waitsfield, Vermont.

Think St. Lawrence University <or is it college … anyway … think>.

The band was originally formed in late 2002 when one future Nocturnal saw Potter perform folk songs in a student-run venue called The Java Barn on the St. Lawrence campus. He approached Potter about starting a band, citing James Brown and The Band as musical influences he heard in Potter’s voice and original songs.

Grace has a voice that I would describe as “one with a soul.” It’s not thin. It’s not operatic. It’s Janis Joplinesque but a better actual voice.

Many of you may know Grace for her guest vocals on “you & tequila” with Kenny Chesney.

I was actually introduced to Grace & Nocturnals with this song … Apologies <a spectacular ballad>:

But. I continue to believe this is their best song to date … a spectacular bluesy song called Stop the Bus:

Ok. Enough of the old stuff.

Here is their newest song … Never Go Back. Really nice. Really … well … Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. Its stays rootsy but you can hear they are playing around with some different sounds & techniques.

I could have included the cd version but this live version is so good I included it instead. And even better … it is a live performance at the University of Vermont <go Catamounts>.

Never go Back (at UVM):

Written by Bruce