new song by Maserati (an Athens GA band)

This is one of those random songs that won’t get played often or national (unless they get lucky) but caught my ear as I was driving.

The band is Maserati.  An instrumental band from Athens Georgia.

The song is “we got the system to fight the system.”

This is an awesome driving song (I admit I cannot see sitting in the house just listening to it).

The song is off their new cd Pyramid of the Sun.

“It sounds relentlessly obsessed with its collective rhythm, like a quartet of endurance runners on an endless straightaway. The guitars even float and glimmer like illusory pools in a desert.” (a review)

Drummer Jerry Fuchs (who died before the record was finished) grounds much of the album, especially “They’ll No More Suffer from Thirst” and “Oaxaca,” with some steady muscle beat. The guitar that slashes throughout “We Got the System to Fight the System” is like a millennial guitar version of The Edge.

Maserati builds their songs in tight precise parts which cuts back and forth and doesn’t always allow us to focus on a melody but rather taut pieces of sharp sounding good stuff.

If you like instrumental you may like this.

Written by Bruce