On the edge of extinction: Adopt a Blob (fish) Campaign

Let’s save the dodo. Oops. Too late.

Let’s save the red tailed frog. Uh. Let’s find one first.

It’s time to save the blob.

Blobfish that is.

The Blobfish lives deep in the waters off Australia and Tasmania and is rarely seen by humans.

With a face only a mother could love this Jabba the Hut of fish is becoming extinct.

The Blobfish is cunning in that it has no use as food (it’s not edible) or does it have any known defense mechanism.

Yet it may be one of the most terrifying fish in the world.


It is butt ugly.

No. butt ugly doesn’t even suggest half how ugly it is.

Its hideously deformed body is quite boneless, simply a gelatinous orb which hovers in the deep waters covered in slime and mucus.

Oh. But there is more. Even worse.

Its face.

Most fish don’t really have faces. You’ve heard people refer to “fish eyes” or “fish lips,” or “a face only a fish could love.” (I made that last one up)

But the Blobfish actually has a face. Not a fish face, but a human face, complete with lips and a big, bulbous nose. This Jabba the Hut of fish is on the edge of extinction.

So gather round one and all and adopt a Blobfish as a pet.

Below see Bob the Blobfish. Poster child for the adoption campaign.

Yes. This not so pretty ocean occupant, the blob fish, is on the edge of extinction.


Kinda makes you hungry for mashed potatoes doesn’t it?

On a separate note The president of the “adopt the blob fish” foundation has petitioned to change the name of the blob fish (believing the name as not only politically incorrect but also creating negative perceptions on the possibly svelte friendly fish) and is seeking to rename it the “Pudding” fish and seeking sponsor From the tapioca pudding brand manager at Jell-O.

Written by Bruce