project global generation site launched announcement

I am excited to announce Project Global Generation has launched its own site

Project Global Generation is a global idea.

It intertwines generational attitudes (globally) and children’s education (globally). This is an idea. No one has done it. But the site outlines the idea, the thinking behind the idea, the tactics surrounding the idea and costs to implement the idea. All on one site.

While the idea is formed I will continue to write about it (although it already has over 40 pages of words & images & schematics) as I continue to address specific components (and answer questions as they arise).

So. About the idea I call The Global Generation. It is actually a convergence of a variety of things but it culminates in three thoughts:

1. a generation after the Millennials called The Global Generation (and their characteristic will be “Community Individualism”).

2. a global children’s web-based education initiative directed toward creating desired behavioral beliefs within the Global Generation.

3.  a globe behavioral attitude called enlightened conflict, wherein because we have helped shape an entire global generation where “ignorance is the enemy”, that choices will be more enlightened and conflict less severe.

Anyway. I would like to consider the Global Generation my idea but it is more likely a confluence of some past thinking and other things I have read about generations and web based education (but I am not sure anyone has put the two together). The best two visuals I have found a the idea overview (new thinkers model vs. old) are the following:

Let me tell you the progression of the idea.

While thinking about the legacy I wanted to leave I noodled this issue for quite some time. And I worked my way into this idea of a Global Generation (generations as “groups” of people with some shared attitudes & behavioral aspects). After I had written down a number of random thoughts and articles I then went online (and if you have read my premise on a Global Generation this is a prime example of how I believe it will work) and discovered several people have written some variation of this concept (aspects of at least). So, with that, I apologize if some of my thoughts look similar to someone else’s. I did not plagiarize. I simply suggest that often when people have the same idea and they are thoughtful they will end up articulating it in some similar ways.

But. I would like to note that no one has used the term “Global Generation” anywhere that I have seen nor has anyone suggested this would be the generation following on the heels of the Millennials (so I have at least that going for me).

And no one I have seen has combined a generational point of view with the advent of web based education thinking.

All I know is that I believe in this idea and most importantly I want to do something about it. In the meantime (before having a chance to ‘do it’) I have written multi part (with more to come) series breaking down the premise behind the Global Generation and the logic behind why I believe it is going to occur (as well as some critical aspects like the generation attitude, the enabler and its relationship to other generations).

In addition the series beaks down individual components of the education initiative to show how it relates to the Global Generation I identify.

I know for a fact that this next generation of children, this next generation of thinkers, will look unlike generations in the past.

Not that they will be smarter or innovate exponentially better but rather they will have access to and assimilate information at an exponential level versus prior generations. And that information will be cultural and intellectual (as well as numerous other dimensions).

And from the generation work the Global Generation Children’s education initiative evolved (and, yes, it evolved because it is a multi dimensional concept) as a by product.

I identified the window of opportunity by triangulating Generational attitudes and characteristics (citing Strauss and Howe cyclical generation sociological studies) and global interaction enabling innovations (the advent of internet based clustering trends and smartphones citing an Economist study among others) and “people” behavioral  trends (Mass Mingling and “glocal” – citing

By triangulating I found the space (or window of opportunity) for the idea.

Anyway. That is the preface to the idea. The Project Global Generation site will have all the details. And will continue to add more detail.

Come one come all.

And if you know anyone at the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, Save the Children foundation, Google or any non-profit interested in impacting a generation of children send them to the site.

Written by Bruce