Sign Apocalypse is Upon Us: Worst waste of money I have seen in a long time

Political action committee makes case for playoff with ad” is the headline on this news article.

stupidest thing heard




There is something called a “political action committee for the creation of a college football playoff.”





For a country claiming that time is the most valuable resource and the fact that none of us have enough time in a day to do the things we want to do…how can someone, let alone a group of what I assume are intelligent people, invest a minute of their day on something like this? I only hope it doesn’t come at the expense of maybe…oh…a meeting to create jobs for their constituents.



They aired television advertising in Dallas, Salt Lake City and Boise, Idaho ahead of Thursday’s national title game between Texas and Alabama. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…inexpensive air time (not) surrounding maybe one of the most watched games of the year (expensive). Where are they getting the money? Ok. even if it is “donations from concerned citizens” could someone have maybe turned to those concerned citizens and said something like “I truly appreciate your interest in this issue but would it be okay of we use your money to maybe fund some support programs to the unemployed in key areas or childhood education programs or SOMETHING NOT AS STUPID AS CREATING A COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF!”



They elected to showcase the fact that two undefeated teams, TCU and Boise State, are not getting a chance to play for the title. Now. It is a nice television ad. But c’mon. How many people outside of Fort Worth and Boise Idaho really care that they aren’t playing in a BCS championship game. But that’s not the point (although someone had to advise them and I am not sure they consulted with the sharpest knife in the drawer).


This is insanity.

This is a sign the apocalypse is truly upon us. Sometimes I wonder where people’s priorities lay. In this case I believe they are lying in a spot where only the blind must live for if they can’t see what is going around them to do something like this that has to be the only explanation.

Written by Bruce