skinny love


Skinny Love is a song.

And this is very artsy thoughtful type music.

The singer is Birdy. And she is 16 (I think).

Sultry voice. Think maybe Fiona Apple’s first cd … but with a piano driven seriousness instead of the sensualness/sultriness that Fiona seemed to have.

Birdy is Jasmine van den Bogaerde.

She uses the name ‘Birdy’ because when she was a young child when she was being fed she would open her mouth wide like a little bird … her parents gave her the nickname.

Her mother is a concert pianist and you can see it in Birdy as you watch her play.

There is a nice little 3 minute interview with her when she was 15 and wearing big braces talking about not quitting school and her music:

Its hard to believe watching the then 15 year old with braces talk that when she gets in front of the piano she creates the sound she does.

Which leads me to her music.

This is a nice song … nice message … but the video is outstandingly well done …

People help the People:

Another nice song.


And here is how she originally got on everyone’s radar with an amazing cover of a Bon Iver song called Skinny Love.

The song opens with  … come on skinny love … just last the year … a beautifully crafted heartfelt song.

Skinny Love:

(I actually believe it is better than Bon Iver)

This is mature music … from a young lady just moving into maturity. The antithesis of Taylor Swift.

Her official site:


Written by Bruce