Snow Songs

We seem to be on a music roll on the site lately(although we’re getting back to some business stuff and rants too) so I thought I would share a couple of really cool winter songs I bet a lot of people have never heard:

Fountains of Wayne “Valley Winter Song”.

If you live in New England this should be oozing out of the living room speakers on a wintry afternoon as you sit there with some coffee laced with a massive dose of Kailua and a dash of amaretto. First of all. I believe the radio has screwed Fountains of Wayne. They have consistently chosen songs for airplay that miss out on some fairly brilliant song writing in that these guys (lead singer certainly has a distinct voice) can craft some of the simplest nicest sounding hooks you have ever heard. The songs are rarely complicated but that is what makes them so consistently good. Valley Winter Song is about as simple a song as you can hear. It tells a story lyrically and musically loops again and again on a beautifully crafted simple sound. Co-founder Adam Schlesinger, who I recently discovered was part of the band Ivy, is really talented.

Paper Route “City Trucks”.

Some of their stuff is a little difficult to listen to but they are young and working their way through getting a consistent sound. They admit it (their words) “We trust that despite the imperfections, and maybe because of the imperfections and flaws, you hear the four of us trying to best capture something internal and convert it to something external.” But. Their good is really good. This winter song is about trucks and snow and…well…probably has a deeper meaning but that is all I took away from it. Regardless. You won’t care. It is a nicely written song and easy to listen to. Another good song when you are trapped in a cozy house in a blizzard. Playing a good game of Risk ain’t bad either but good music helps. Oh. And don’t forget the cocktail.

Written by Bruce