Some Things I Can Do For You (Services I Can Provide)

bruce_McTague_ strategize


I can be hired.


I am a generalist with quasi-expertise which offers a lot of flexibility to work on a wide variety of projects.


With that said feel free and contact me at if interested in any of these things:



  • Presentations on any topic you have seen on my blog
    • My style: I tend to use life metaphors interspersed with business examples to showcase learnings/lessons


  • Senior management consulting:
    • In general I assist in “unsticking” stuck management groups (on company direction, senior alignment, positioning and strategy).


  • Facilitate senior management discussion and offer solutions


  • Assist on company organizational alignment issues


  • Assist on company positioning in marketplace discussions


  • One on one consulting with senior executives (sometimes it is helpful for a company leader to have an outside perspective with someone who has a wide variety of business experiences and does not have a personal agenda.)


  • College classes: marketing, positioning, organizational alignment, company management, advertising


  • High school classes: I have several presentations which work best with juniors and seniors (where are you going and being yourself). In addition, given a topic I can typically help a high school class gain access to some real world perspective.


  • Temp marketing/advertising management positions: I can step in and provide some short term tactical strategic assistance in organizations


  • Advertising Agency Business development assistance: I can help design pitch strategy, write RFPs, design presentations and presentation strategy.


I love to work and I am interested in everything.


In addition.


If you like the way the site looks you can contact the guy who designed it and designs sites and things like that. Feel free and contact him:

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Written by Bruce