somebody i used to song


How good is this song? (pretty damn good)

Somebody That I used to Know:

This is my next projected “addictive song.’

I heard it on the radio and had no clue who it was … it is a quirky catchy kind of alternative-pop song. Really interesting sound with a chorus using a woman’s voice. I will admit though … this song is much much better on radio than watching the video. I promise you … it is addictive in the car.


The singer is an Australian named Gotye … oh … and apparently this song was featured on Gossip Girl (sorry … didn’t see).

Somebody That I Used to Know is a song by Australian (and Belgian?) singer/songwriter Gotye from his third cd Making Mirrors. The woman in the song (and video) is a New Zealand singer named Kimbra. And while the song is good … the addition of Kimbra’s voice, which complements Gotye perfectly, kind of makes the song really special.

The chorus is really really nice and for a typical song about past relationships it seems to have more emotion than most.

The song was written by Gotye and is personal …  writing about experiences he has had with relationships. Just because I was curious (because this is his 3rd cd)I checked around to see if there were any other good songs to share.

Here is a nice one:

Eyes wide open:

Just heard this song maybe last week for the first time. I think it is gonna go up the charts with  bullet.

Written by Bruce