Song of the Day – Love is the Way … Blaze

Song of the Day – Love is the Way … BlazeLove_Song_by_spitfire1686

The title says it all. Love in the perspective, of Love of Fellowman, or Love of Self. So much wasted energy is given to, hate and lying and scheming to get over on the next person, IT IS A TAUGHT WAY OF LIFE. Every man or Woman for themselves or, Kill or be Killed, Self-Gratification, and many more.

There have been times when I have given a co-worker a hug just because I knew or the lack thereof; it would possibly brighten their day. NO, everyone can’t pull this off, because you’d get tacked up for HARRASSMENT! But how easy is it to REALLY LISTEN when you ask someone “How is your day?”

Don’t be STINGY, Love is free, Brings no Stress, Makes you cry, and at the same time purges out ALL PAIN, helps you breathe easy, you smile more, people want to be around you, and you like yourself all the more for TEACHING LOVE!

You have a call on line 1… Love will be there in 10 minutes!

Dj Luv Dlux

Written by donald wilson