staggerford upside down


Interesting band.

Interesting music.


But first.

Where the heck did these guys come from that they never hit my radar before?

I am not sure how bands like this stay hidden from me … but … Pandora came through and stuck this in one of my playlists.


The band is Staggerford.

They have one older album and are working on a new one <after having broken up – amicably apparently – as a band for awhile>.


These three friends <2 are brothers> formed a band in late 2008 and released a 5-song EP followed by a full-length album, Greet the Blinding Light, in February of 2009.


By the way.

If you like this kind of music this is a fairly spectacular cd from top to bottom.



After this initial album some unspecified ‘life circumstances’ caused them to put the band into ‘a state of hibernation.’

<pause for 4 years>


Staggerford <reunited as friends tend to do >in July of 2013 to begin writing and recording their second album.


If you like Paper Route, Death Cab for Cutie or maybe Morning Parade or Scars on 45 you may like these guys.

The main difference between the bands I just highlighted and Staggerford is probably in the vocals.


They incorporate a vocal layering which really fills out the sound of their songs. The instrumentation is not spectacular but as a band they are really tight. They have really well crafted songs which are not overproduced.


They manage to craft songs that are … well … like conversations with a good friend.  Casually sharing some thoughtful thoughts without being profoundly overbearing.



Finding their music is pretty tough. No music videos and it appears no one has uploaded any of their songs on youtube <with one of those home made videos … which can be hit or miss>.

The song I first heard on Pandora is track 8 ‘upside down’ …


Here is a myspace link where you can find it.



Strong Man:



I am attaching a link to their EP debut … “blinding Light” is a pretty spectacular song … “Comes and Goes” not far behind.

Their EP Greet the Blinding Light:


There you go.

Not a band you are hearing on the radio every day.

Written by Bruce