Summer bummer

Sadly Donna Summer passed away.

Therefore … this post will date me but Donna Summer passing away from cancer reminded me of some good music and a great performer. Oh. and, frankly a woman who’s music message I respected <always about a strong woman>.

While people will probably scratch their heads over this comparison … I often thought of her as a different dancier version of Sade. She had the same sensual style in concert … a feminine mystique which was hard to put your finger on <because she was never overt nor did she try for it> but it was unmistakable in her performance.

And she had a distinctive ‘big’ sweeping voice. And some great songs.  Even as disco became a joke in the music world her music remained standard fare in dance clubs … and her songs have been sampled and resampled and remixed over and over again.

And while she is known a ‘disco queen’ she was much more than that as a singer.

My favorite song of hers was not a disco song <although McArthur Park is a beautifully done song> but rather a relatively obscure reggae style anthemic dance song …

State of Independence:

I found these following words as a tribute to Summer that I thought was perfect:

In an era of disco superstars that included Gloria Gaynor, the BeeGees, and the Village People, Summer stood out for a soulful delivery that expanded her appeal beyond the dance floor. She scored her greatest successes with anthems of self-reliance and personal strength, her voice equally capable of fragility and defiant power.

Do yourself a favor.

Go back and listen to her sing. While known for her disco that women sure could sing.

Written by Bruce